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So you’ve called an electrician to your home to install a new fixture or repair an issue. They arrive and start working but as a homeowner you want to know how qualified they are to be working on your house. Asking “How many years have you been an electrician?” or “What level of training do you have?” can result in varied responses. Typically you get “I’ve been doing this for 7 years..” or “I’m licensed as a Journeyman.” These answers gives the needed trust and confidence in the electrician but what do they really mean?

Will you be my apprentice?

Everyone has to start somewhere, aspiring electricians start with education under college trade school programs. Added in are approved apprenticeships, typically under the supervision of a Journeyman or Master electrician. In Alabama, the requirements needed to take the next step is four years of experience or 8,000 hours of hands on training over work site safety and installation of electrical wiring, lighting, and much more. Completion let’s the apprentice take the state electrical exam to gain a license as a Journeyman.

Take a Journey

A journeyman electrician can perform installation, maintenance, repairing of electrical systems now unsupervised. Through certification exams, Journeyman are deemed proficient with ensuring electrical systems are safe and running smoothly. Their duties include inspecting circuit breakers, transformers, wiring and are educated in regulations to keep all projects and work up to code. Typically, when you call for service they are the ones getting the job done.

Yes Boss

Master electricians are individuals that have reached the peak of their field through hard work, pursuing further education, and passing a state exam for master certification. They also have the ability to gain permits for installation of equipment and new construction. Most often, master electricians are found in supervisory roles over apprentices and journeyman and making complex decisions. A master electrician furthers their career by either opening a business or working under a private contact company.